The Sunflower Home Heliostat


Heliostat – it’s a fancy name for a simple idea:

Shine a big mirror in your window on a cold day, and you get transmitted heat, as well as reflected light. Build the mirror so it tracks the sun’s arc, and you get that heat and light all day long!

Some folks up in Massachusetts have invented a DIY model they call the Sunflower.

They say it’s “the first affordable heliostat designed for ease of use for the homeowner”. (@ $399.-) And they claim you only need a Phillips screwdriver to set it up.

I’ve got a big north-facing window that would make a nice target for a heliostat.

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Kick the Bums Out!

Our venal, cowardly, self-serving, corrupt politicians are wrecking the country! We have to force them out of power. But if we wait until the general election to try, it’s almost always too late. Gerrymandered districts are ultra-safe for the incumbents, by design. So we have to challenge them in the primaries.

TEA Party leader Mark Meckler says:

Roughly 85% of Congressional districts are “fixed,” meaning they are unlikely to switch parties in the general election. That means that only 15% of folks voting for Congress even have votes that matter.

People of both parties need to participate in their primaries. Most don’t. And that means your vote matters even more. You can take the Primary Pledge here.

The primaries … are starting to scare incumbents. That’s good. Now the folks behind the Campaign for Primary Accountability are being called “anarchists.” LOL. That proves the incumbents are scared. And that’s a good thing for representative democracy. If you’re interested in getting more information, you can check out the Campaign for Primary Accountability here.

The Storm Signal : Here, Richard Fernandez very eloquently describes the CPA and what it is all about. Heh heh.

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Constrained vs. Unconstrained

Bill Whittle’s latest Firewall. Yet another excellent message; he’s always on point.

Pass it on:

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Shed of the year 2012

Shed of the Year 2012 entries


Gotta love these Brits and their eccentric sheds. Inventors of the bathtub races,and so on. The world needs much more of this kind of unfettered ingenuity.

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Food police raid farm without warrant, destroy fresh harvest.

At Quail Hollow Farm in Nevada, an elegantly presented fresh food feast was disrupted, and the farm owners Laura and Monte Bledsoe were maliciously – and unlawfully – harassed by local bureaucrats, both before and after the event. But why? It’s just plain wrong for these badged bumpkins to butt in where they are not needed or wanted, and where they steal our freedom to make our own choices.

These sadistic nanny-state parasites deserve to be tarred and feathered.

The Las Vegas Sun has its own write up of the situation: Farm-to-table event turns sour when health inspector crashes party. The Bledsoes, with help from some of their invited guests, did manage to salvage the event, though.

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The Con Artist

The author of this short video is entirely too kind.  It never mentions the fact that Barack Milhous Obama has proven to be a completely corrupt Marxist thug.

It’s a funny thing: Our Windbag in Chief acts just like Castro, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Mugabe, Chavez, Arafat, and many more. These despots all preach endless sacrifice for all of us, but meanwhile they each live like kings. What have the Obamas sacrificed? Not one thing – and as long as we put up with their crap, they never will.

Maybe this is enough truth about him for the moment. It boggles my mind that some successful, accomplished people, like Ted Turner, can believe Obama is a benevolent, moderate American. He is none of these things.

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48 Pictures that perfectly capture the 90’s

48 Pictures that perfectly capture the 90’s

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