“The re-squirrelization of the American diet”

As a 12-year old Tennessee farmboy, my dad hunted squirrel, and not for sport, either; he told us his family needed that food he was putting on the table. I’ve shot a few, myself, with an air gun from my back porch – just to keep the pesky critters from stealing my pecan harvest or burrowing into my attic. I never gave much thought to tossing them in the slow cooker.

But these days, I get an eerie sense of impending doom as I read about the huge amounts of antibiotics and hormones that BigAgriBiz keeps stuffing into our store-bought beef and chicken, and I’m thinking, maybe now’s the time to ponder it a bit. I can’t look out my window without seeing an organic squirrel on a branch. Could it be – just what the doctor ordered?

Locavore Squirrel explains how they hunt, clean and cook them up in Minnesota.

Tree Rat with White Wine, Mushrooms and Onions tells how a self-described ‘upper-middle-class’  Seattle couple (environmentalists, natch) trap ’em right in their front yard.

Hey, I like that idea. And, I already have a squirrel trap!

Mmm-mm. I’m getting hungry.

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