Kick the Bums Out!

Our venal, cowardly, self-serving, corrupt politicians are wrecking the country! We have to force them out of power. But if we wait until the general election to try, it’s almost always too late. Gerrymandered districts are ultra-safe for the incumbents, by design. So we have to challenge them in the primaries.

TEA Party leader Mark Meckler says:

Roughly 85% of Congressional districts are “fixed,” meaning they are unlikely to switch parties in the general election. That means that only 15% of folks voting for Congress even have votes that matter.

People of both parties need to participate in their primaries. Most don’t. And that means your vote matters even more. You can take the Primary Pledge here.

The primaries … are starting to scare incumbents. That’s good. Now the folks behind the Campaign for Primary Accountability are being called “anarchists.” LOL. That proves the incumbents are scared. And that’s a good thing for representative democracy. If you’re interested in getting more information, you can check out the Campaign for Primary Accountability here.

The Storm Signal : Here, Richard Fernandez very eloquently describes the CPA and what it is all about. Heh heh.

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